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Riverine Ambush: Impala Falls Victim to the Combined Assault of Wild Dog and Hyena


In the rather harsh video below, shot by a tourist at a reserve in South Africa, 2 African wild dogs and a hyena together tear the Impala antelope in the river.

The attack must have taken place before, when he caught it, the antelope tried to run into the river to let the two stray dogs give up but the wild dog chased the antelope and did not spare the antelope.


Because the fear of the previous attack had exhausted the gazelle, it now had no strength to fight the two wild dogs.

While two wild animals were engrossed in enjoying their spoils, suddenly a hyena appeared to participate in the eating.

Perhaps because the prey was too big, the two wild dogs did not care about the hyena, but let it eat the same bait.



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