“Survival’s Thin Line: The Desperate Fight of a Buffalo Unaware of the Crocodile’s Wrath”


Buffalo is an ancient animal that lives in herds and has an extremely large size that can weigh up to 1 ton. Wild buffaloes are almost always difficult to take down by predators in the wild.

The lions are said to be the biggest enemies of the buffalo, with a number of about 5-10, the lion can easily defeat an adult buffalo. But if it is a single fight, the victory will belong to the buffalo.


Crocodiles are also quite famous among predators, but to compare the strength with buffalo, it is quite different but there are some exceptions.

Crocodiles who want to try their hand at wild buffalo will receive unexpected and painful results. The fight can take place in water or on land, it is a difficult battle for crocodiles.

Buffalo has the ability to swim quite well with his strength will make the crocodile fail miserably.


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