“Unlikely Allies: Buffalo’s Dramatic Dash to Save Warthog from the Jaws of Lions”


A YouTube channel recently posted a short video recording a scene of lions at Kgalagadi Nature Reserve (South Africa) successfully knocking down a hump and preparing to eat their meal.

However, an unexpected thing happened when a herd of wild buffaloes nearby appeared and came to the rescue. Despite being overwhelmed by the majority, as well as witnessing the danger of the bloodthirsty lions, the buffalo was not afraid at all, but aggressively rushed forward, despite the fact that the victim was not the same species. of them.

This action of the buffalo made the observers extremely surprised, because everyone thought that buffaloes are inherently gentle, and only protect themselves when they are attacked. Some people think that perhaps wild buffalo always have an innate hatred for lions, so when they see the enemy preparing to kill their prey, they immediately rush in.


As a result, despite the large number, the lions still did not dare to resist the strong buffaloes, but only knew how to quickly run away. But the sad thing is that despite being rescued by a wild buffalo, the ill-fated humped pig suffered a fatal wound, so he couldn’t get up to run.

Thus, the brackish was successfully rescued and the lion failed to starve in front of the aggressive buffalo herd.


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