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The owner panicked when he saw a snake appearing from the toilet


Stewart had just woken up and was using the bathroom when she noticed the toilet wouldn’t flush for some reason. She peered down into the bowl — and was shocked to see a tiny face staring back at her.

“I leaned in closer, then a snake slithered up through the toilet paper,” Stewart told. “I thought I was still half asleep and seeing things, but I then shut the door and screamed for my boyfriend to wake up.”

Stewart and her boyfriend, Cole Mohs, contacted their building’s maintenance man, Wesley Sanford, who arrived that afternoon. By that time, the snake had slithered deeper inside the toilet and had taken up residence in the tank. Together, Mohs and Sandford worked to dismantle the toilet so they could free the very confused snake.

After a lot of careful maneuvering, they were finally able to gently remove the snake from the toilet. Sanford identified the little guy as a harmless corn snake, and the snake was surprisingly calm after the whole ordeal.


“He was actually quite friendly,” Stewart said.
The trio suspected that the snake may have been someone’s escaped pet, but they asked around and were unfortunately unable to locate his potential owners. Since Stewart’s toilet definitely wasn’t a suitable home for the snake, Sanford decided to adopt him himself, and named him Boots.

Slithering into a toilet actually ended up working out quite well for Boots, who now has a wonderful forever home. Stewart, on the other hand, might be a little nervous now every time she goes to use the bathroom — just in case there are any more snakes lurking around.


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