“Wildebeest’s Saviors: Hippo’s Bold Attack on Crocodile Threat”


Bitten by the crocodile on the leg, the wildebeest thought there was no way to escape, but was suddenly rescued by a savior in time.

Suddenly a giant crocodile emerged from the water surface and grabbed a wildebeest standing near the water.

The crocodile grabbed the back leg of the prey, trying to drag it into the water to finish it and eat it.

The poor animal struggled, trying to escape the grip of the big animal, trying to climb ashore to escape but failed.


After struggling for a while, the wildebeest was completely exhausted, its whole body was dragged into the water, and was about to receive a painful death.

Suddenly, two hippos swam from nowhere and discovered the scene had jumped at the crocodile, freeing the wildebeest from the sharp fangs.

The rescued antelope quickly fled to shore despite its injured hind leg bleeding.


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