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Monkeys play stupid when attacking pythons underwater and a memorable end for stupid people


The spotted python is an ambush predator, camouflaged in bushes and waiting for prey to wander near. Like other pythons, the spotted pythons are non-venomous and do not kill their prey with a bite. The bite is only to hold the prey, while the killing is carried out by wrapping the python’s large body around the bait to squeeze it to death.

Like many other snakes, brocade pythons can extend their jaws to swallow prey as large as a quarter of their body length. Although the pythons are strong enough to kill people, they are not considered dangerous to humans and human attacks are rare.


In the clip, a monkey is swimming, playing in the water when suddenly encountering a large python. Instead of walking away to avoid confrontation, the monkey was aggressive, actively attacking the opponent first. It was this stupid act that made it pay a heavy price.

Just a few minutes later, the monkey was squeezed by the giant python. No matter how hard it struggled, it still couldn’t get out. As a result, 1 hour later, the monkey was swallowed by the python.


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