“Tears of the Savannah: When the Lion’s Presence Brings Grief to Giraffes”


The lion has always been the king of the wild because of its strength and ability to hunt. The prey, no matter how big and ferocious, can become a delicious meal for lions.

Glory to the lion is also the pain and destruction of the prey the lion chooses. A family of giraffes is happily taking a walk when a lion takes a family member and the day turns out to be a bad day for the giraffe family.

The video was recorded and posted on Youtube, the giraffe family consists of 2 people and you can see the young giraffe is very happy, running around playing with its parents.


The giraffe’s parents are leading their baby to a land of green trees and a delicious meal is coming. But the lion’s sudden appearance “it ambushed first nearby” and suddenly attacked the young giraffe.

It happened so fast and the baby giraffe just ran away and was caught soon after. Its life will also end today and the giraffe family will receive the ultimate pain that the lion brings.

The video proves the lion’s ability to hunt but brings sadness to many viewers, it has reached nearly 1m views along with more than 300 comments of the audience.


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