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The most intense battle on the planet when the mongoose with the king cobra, what will the mongoose do when it is swallowed by the snake


The 3-minute video shared on social networks captured an extremely fierce battle between a mongoose against a dangerous opponent, a cobra.

At the beginning of the video, it can be seen that the mongoose seems to have been hit by many attacks from the cobra. The venom makes its hind legs paralyzed, making it almost impossible to move.

However, the civet continued to roll at the enemy without hesitation, despite the danger. It tries to bite its opponent, while the cobra is constantly moving to avoid being bitten.

There was a time when the civet suddenly stopped, seemingly to prepare for the final decisive attack. Indeed, the mongoose stalks the enemy for openings, then grabs the snake by the neck and squeezes it with its teeth.

After a while of fighting, the civet was so tattered that it could not move. The venom from the snake’s bites seems to have absorbed into it, sending the animal into a state of anaphylactic shock. As for the snake, due to many fatal bites, it could only lie down on the ground, struggle, and take its last breath.


Like most venomous snakes, the cobra’s weapon is its deadly venomous bite. This species is famous for biting its prey and injecting poison into the victim with its sharp fangs.

Meanwhile, mongoose possesses the ability to move quickly, flexible, allowing it to dodge attacks from snakes as fast as cutting. They can even bite back accurately with sharp teeth, and turn the predator into the hunted.

In fact, carnivorous mongooses, known as opportunistic and excellent predators, thanks to their good hearing and long-sighted vision, are able to provoke their prey so they feed quite easily. easily and quickly capture prey thanks to sharp teeth.

The similarity of the mechanism in the body with the honey badger also makes the mongoose very resistant to poison, although they are not completely immune. This makes some dangerous venomous snakes of the African land also become the “breakfast” for the mongoose.


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