“The Great Pretender: Antelope’s Bold Act Saves It from the Leopard’s Clutches”


Dramatic video captures the hunt of the leopard family, when the mother leopard leads her cubs to find food. By monitoring the skills of the mother cheetah, the cubs will gain experience, and become true hunters.

This time their target is antelope grazing nearby, the leopard mother attentively observes her prey and moves closer to them.

After observing for a while, the mother leopard has chosen the prey she needs to hunt and signaled her cubs to pay attention to observe her to learn from experience.

The appearance of the leopard made the antelope run away in chaos, with the leopard’s running speed, the prey was quickly caught.


After the antelope defeated it, it was very surprising, it lay still and pretended to be dead without moving, at this time the leopard did not pay attention to the prey to let its cubs surround the antelope.

Unexpectedly, it got up and ran away at a fast speed, making the leopard not have time to react, the mother leopard chased the prey but still could not.


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