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“The Bold Intruder: Hyena Disrupts Lion’s Feast, Stealing the Delicious Food from the Slain Wild Boar”


African lions and lions in general are powerful carnivores, with an extremely assertive and skillful way of hunting. In many cases, lions do not need to chase their prey, but can “silently” approach and deliver the finishing blow.

An astonishing video filmed in Serengeti National Park (Tanzania) captures a lion tracking, ambushing, and then capturing a humped pig right in its hiding place.

But humpback pigs are animals that do not give up easily. It can be seen that the lion was extremely hard to control the opponent. Even when it was gripped by the neck, it still managed to struggle and find a way to escape.


After a while of “swarming”, the lion finally gained the upper hand. But a hyena suddenly appeared and joined the fight.

Although exhausted, the lion was determined not to share the prey. It uses all means to scare away the “third person”, as well as to protect its own achievements.

After all, the happy ending was given to the lion. It grabs its prey and walks away proudly. The hyenas, on the other hand, failed miserably and retreated after winning a small piece from the enemy.


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