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“Lair of Terror: Lions’ Unyielding Determination to Reach Their Prey”


“Six times the lions tried to dig a burrow for one hour. As soon as they reached the wild boar, the lions pulled the prey out of the den and gave it no chance to escape.

A tourist has filmed a herd of burrowing lions catching birds in northern Botswana.

After escaping an initial attack from the lions, the boar hid in a safe place in the undergrowth burrow. However, the lions do not easily lose their delicious food.

Not giving up, the lions pursued the wild boar before reaching the burrow. This must also surprise the cave.


Boars often dig holes in abandoned burrows. They like to go back into the house before reaching out from the cave to prevent the prey from escaping.

In this case, the sandpit provided only temporary refuge for the lion of the lions; they sometimes became prey when needed.

According to the researchers, although burrows are very patient and hardworking, both boars are not really big enough to help satisfy the hunger of the lions.

Boars often dig holes in abandoned burrows. They do not really their delicious food.”


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