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“Don’t Underestimate the Marten: A Lethal Force in the Animal Hierarchy”


Martens is a small mammal belonging to the weasel family. Martens are known for their slender, agile bodies and soft, brown fur.

They are typically found in excellent forests and woodlands, and are climbers and hunters, feeding on small mammals, birds, insects, and fruit.

Not only are they an agile animal, but they are also fearsome assassins when hunting. There’s been a lot of great footage of Martens taking down animals 10 times its size.


The prey is often attacked by the martens in the neck region and is defenseless against its agility.

Martens has collected for it countless large-sized prey such as ducks, birds, or even monkeys and venomous snakes.

The following moment captures the most amazing hunts you will enjoy.


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