“Karma’s Grip: The Sinful Buffalo’s Horns Restrict Leopards’ Escape”


Buffaloes are large and strong herbivores, a wild buffalo can withstand the attack of many lions and a lone leopard certainly cannot injure a buffalo.

But leopards also enjoy new challenges and this time a leopard wants to prove its power while waiting for an opportunity to finish off an adult buffalo.

The buffalo is leisurely grazing and not paying attention to everything around, its long horn grows abnormally and curls to the sides.


A leopard is hiding in the grass and waiting for an opportunity to attack the buffalo. As long as the buffalo does not notice and the leopard will rush out to attack suddenly and end the fight.

A fierce bravery comes from the leopard in front of a large and fearsome prey. The buffalo soon discovered the leopard’s presence and the battle took place earlier.


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