“Epic Wildlife Encounter: Buffalo Leader’s Spectacular Battle and Miraculous Escape”


The African buffalo has keen senses to detect predators through a combination of visual, olfactory and auditory cues. The animal is capable of detecting lions at a distance of 1 km.

Although they are herbivores, buffaloes have an aggressive and fierce temperament, in many cases they are ready to fight off the most fierce predators.

A herd of buffalo is gathered together to drink water. Suddenly, a buffalo let out a pitiful cry. From the water, a giant crocodile bit its nose.

The buffalo did not give up, it struggled to escape the crocodile’s jaws, and its kind ran ashore, but it did not help much.

The crocodile is still biting the prey, the buffalo tries to pull the prey to the shore to ask the animals to help it escape from the hungry crocodile that is frantically attacking.


Finally, the buffalo managed to pull the crocodile ashore and its fellows used their sharp horns to stab the crocodile and shield it in fear.

Seeing that the buffalo could not be defeated, the crocodile released its prey and ran into the water to escape the sight of the buffalo herd. The buffalo that was bitten by the crocodile remained calm and then went to the river to drink water with the herd.



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