Fierce Standoff: Buffalo Herd’s Fearless Fight to Protect Their Offspring


In the clip, shot in South Africa’s Luangwa National Park, we captured two lions confronting a herd of buffalo. Both sides are watching each other.

Lion is a carnivore, they have a large muscular body, especially it has sharp claws. The lion is the most formidable hunter on the land, it has not been fed up with a single prey, even those several times larger than them like elephants.

In this video, the lion and the buffalo are facing each other directly, watching for a while the lion decides to attack the buffalo herd.

At this time, the lion has targeted the target he needs to chase, which is a favorite of the herd.

Only a few steps to speed up, the lion has grabbed a buffalo, the buffaloes saw that and stopped to observe.


The buffalo tries to draw the lion closer to his herd.

At this time, the leading buffaloes saw their children being caught by predators, and slowly walked over.

All the buffaloes unanimously turned to help the young buffalo, looking so majestic, the lion now also realizes that.

The leader of the herd and the herd of buffalo behind bravely approached the lion who was biting his child, the lion felt it immediately and firmly, he knew he could not fight the whole herd, so he decided to withdraw.

so this time the lion was defeated, congrats on the buffalo for escaping death, thanks to the determination of the whole herd, it saved a baby buffalo’s life.


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