“Jungle Drama Unfolds: Leopard Cub’s Thrilling Escape from the Jaws of a Giant Anaconda”


Crocodiles are always hidden and motionless then attack by surprise and finish their prey. All the animals to be in the range of the crocodile. If given a favorable opportunity, they can win all.

A leopard was looking for food along the river and came across a small crocodile. The leopard is overjoyed to have picked up the meal, but it quickly receives a dangerous attack from the crocodile.


Leopards have good reflexes and hide from the crocodile’s deadly bite. Then it ran away and did not dare to return.

Crocodiles have a great advantage in the water and can kill opponents. In turn, other animals become prey of crocodiles such as cheatah, elephants, lions…

The video below will be the best footage of crocodiles.


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