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Arctic Alliance: Polar Bears Unite to Overpower a Massive Walrus Herd


The polar bear has always been a large animal and is adept at hunting in the frigid land of the north pole, but is it the strongest animal here?

A video posted on Youtube about a polar bear’s hunt with large Walrus will help us learn more about many things.

A fully grown male walrus can top the scales at 4,000 pounds, and this particular female likely weighed less than 500. In size comparison, a polar bear is too small for a hippopotamus.

But with the hunting bravery of the polar bear, it is still determined to rush into the middle of the Walrus and try to catch the weakest Walrus.

A polar bear rushes into the midst of a huge pack of Walrus lying in the sun near the beach and chooses to attack a large male walrus. Its task today is very difficult, the Walrus are not gentle when trying to attack the arctic structure.


Polar bears constantly change targets and choose to attack the slowest walrus left on the coast, but it is also too difficult to get a meal. The walrus was very strong and still managed to swim towards the sea.

The polar bear tried very hard to swim after and attack the last walrus, but it still had to return empty-handed.

The battle spread on Youtube and received more than 61m views along with more than 14k comments from the audience, the battle was fierce and fierce until the last minute.



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