A Mother’s Legacy: Mother Buffalo’s Heroic Sacrifice Echoes in the Aid of 1000 Buffaloes


Buffalo is a large animal but is always attacked by other predators because of the nutritional value of buffalo meat.

The hyenas often gather in herds and try to take down sick buffaloes or young buffaloes. The battle to protect the young buffaloes is extremely fierce.

The hyenas will split into groups to act, some will attack the young buffalo and finish the prey. Some other animals will pretend to attack the mother buffalo to drive it away from the baby buffalo.

But the mother buffalo has enough intelligence and courage to return to protect the young buffalo. The hyenas will gradually increase their attack speed until they defeat the young buffalo.

Team when the number of hyenas is large enough it can destroy the entire family of buffalo. Mother buffaloes trying to protect young buffaloes choose the way of death.

But this time hyenas were out of luck, many other buffaloes were present and young buffaloes were rescued.


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