Predatory Symphony: Bengal Tigers Stage Masterful Hunt, Emerging Triumphant over Sambar Deer in Front of Spellbound Tourists


Dubbed the lord of the jungle, the tiger is always the most terrifying predator anywhere in the wild. This predator is also a huge danger to humans.

Even so, they often avoid human contact and often hide in hidden areas where humans are present. However, they will not mind the presence of humans while hunting.

In the clip, an Indian tiger catches a sambar deer right in front of visitors at Ranthambore National Park. While the deer tries to find a way to escape from the predator, the king of the forest still bites its hind legs.


The deer cannot run away. Suddenly, the king of the forest jumps up and grabs the prey’s neck from behind and quickly knocks it down. Meanwhile, the group of tourists still keeps their curious eyes on the tiger.

Predators seem to have gotten used to this and are no longer wary of this and are no longer wary of humans. Sambars, deer, are one of the favorite prey of tigers in Ranthambore National Park.



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