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Terrified snake slithered into the car to take revenge after being attacked by people in the car


Southern African pythons are the largest snake found in Africa and although common, are not often seen in the Kruger National Park. How would you feel if you saw an angry python slither into your car? These guests were lucky enough to witness a python do just this, and yes, they lived to tell the tale!

This exciting sighting was captured by Kerry Balaam, 40-year-old nature guide for Kruger Pride Safaris, and Raj Chinsamy, who was on a drive with Arun from Legend Safaris.

It is currently winter in South Africa, and it can get quite cold. Since snakes are cold-blooded, they have been known to slither into car engines, attracted by the warmth. This is exactly what was witnessed here.

A nervous python was found slithering on the open road and as a car drew near it felt the heat from the engine and was attracted to its warmth. It then decided to climb into the car’s engine, instead of retreating to the bush.

Kerry tells the story: “While we were on a game drive in the park I stopped to talk to Arun from Legend Safaris who had stopped his vehicle in the road. The reason he had stopped was because a python was slithering down the road. It quickly moved underneath the vehicle and then into the engine!”

“Jan, who is an excellent guide, was on the drive with me. He offered to help Arun remove the python from the engine. At first, it was only 2 vehicles at the sighting. However, within a few minutes, a couple of cars had parked nearby to watch the action unfold. The python was very reluctant and took some coaxing to get out of the engine. After the ordeal, the python was released back into the bush.”

“After seeing the python, we were all in high spirits as spotting a phyton in the park is not an easy thing to do!”

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Not only attractive to insects like cockroaches, rodents like mice, cars also have an unexpected ‘glamor’ to reptiles like snakes. In fact, car news sites have recorded many cases of snakes getting into cars, especially in the hot and humid summer. And of course, the owner of the car gets a “horror” when he discovers that there are uninvited guests on the car who are poisonous snakes such as cobras, vipers, scorpions…


Vietnam is a humid tropical monsoon country, plus an alarming level of environmental pollution makes the summer weather very hot and muggy. If summer is the breeding season for insects, this is also the time when reptiles such as snakes and centipedes go to ‘avoid the heat’. That is why when the temperature rises in the summer, we often see snakes crawling into the house. This reptile likes to hide in cool, wet places such as warehouses, kitchen nooks, computer drawers, under beds…

However, not only crawling into the house, now snakes also get into cars to take shelter. If a warm and dark car engine is a dry nest, the interior compartment of a car is a cool shelter on a hot summer day for reptiles like snakes. Especially for cars parked in a location with a lot of canals, fields, gardens or even moving on highways, going on mountain trips… the possibility of snakes appearing in cars are highly probable. That is when the car owner forgets to close the door when getting in and out of the car, opens the bonnet and forgets to close it, or lowers the car window… so it creates an opportunity for snakes to crawl into the car.

It is really difficult to perceive the presence of reptiles with high ‘hermits’ like snakes, especially when they often choose the most hidden, least visible places to hide. However, in the hot summer weather, if you often have to travel on roads with lots of trees or park your car in low-lying, humid areas, you should especially regularly check the engine compartment as well as the cabin compartment before entering. in the car to drive. You can also take a long stick and gently shake it inside, if you hear the sound of hissing, it is likely a snake is “visiting” your beloved driver.


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