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“Heart-wrenching Heroism: Mother Duck’s Final Act to Save Her Ducklings”


A video posted on Twitter shows a mother duck trying to push her chicks out of the hole where they used to be and using her life to save the ducklings from a vicious snake.

The video begins with a sinister snake crawling into a hole where the mother duck lives with her cubs. Seeing the predatory reptile slowly creeping into the shelter, the mother duck began to recklessly flap her wings and push the chicks out of the hole.

As a result, the ducklings were not harmed. But the brave mother duck was unable to escape. The video ends with a fierce snake wrapping around the mother duck’s body and squeezing it to death.


“It’s heartbreaking. Nothing, absolutely nothing in the world can compare to a mother’s love,” one person wrote.

“My eyes are wet from this scene. Every parent must be touched and inspired… Life won’t be the same with little ducks… Everything has changed in seconds,” said one person. other comments.


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