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An extraordinary love story between a monkey and a dog when the monkey adopts an orphaned dog and tries to protect it like his own child.


An abandoned puppy has reportedly been “adopted” by a monkey in southern Iɴᴅɪᴀ who appears to have a serious case of “puppy love.” The abandoned puppy has been adopted by the rhesus monkey, and the two have become inseparable.

They go everywhere together and are the buzz of Erode, Tamil Nadu, in southern Iɴᴅɪᴀ because they are so ᴄʟᴏsᴇ and their friendship is so strong.

The little puppy is fed, cleaned up, and protected by the rhesus macaque as though it was its own child in a heartbreaking series of pictures that have been watched 170,000 times online.

In another image, the monkey is seen cleaning the small dog in the middle of the street while taking dirt and fleas off of it. Oddly, he even holds the puppy to its breast as it jumps from a tree while the dog hangs on.


Additionally, the monkey displays its violent side by baring its teeth and scaring away a stray dog. A bowl of food was set out for the two, but the monkey took a backseat and let the puppy finish its meal first. The monkey guarded the puppy from harm as it ate by standing over it.

He is shown in one image giving the dog gʀᴀᴘᴇs. In another, the monkey is shown removing fleas and debris from his canine companion.

The origin of the friendship between the two odd animals is a mystery, as is how they came to form such strong bonds.

Although they seem happy, there are worries that the monkey and puppy will be split up by the forest department if they determine the monkey cannot care for the puppy.


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