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The epic battle between two giant animals that caused humans to intervene with weapons to separate it


South American crocodiles can be more than 3.7 m long and weigh 454 kg, Anaconda pythons can be 16 m long and weigh nearly half a ton. These two species are fierce predators in the Amazon, they do not often hunt each other, but in some cases stray into each other’s territory and have a terrible fight.
Photographer Kim Sullivan from Indiana, USA, happened to witness the battle of pythons with giant crocodiles on the banks of the Cuiabá River, Brazil


The python with the advantage of the body and the strong squeeze tries to avoid the sharp teeth wrapped around the crocodile body

Anaconda python strangles to suffocate the crocodile

After a long time, the giant crocodile gradually regained its advantage when biting the Anaconda python’s tail


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