A tense meeting when the gorilla confronts the lion, who will win


Gorilla and lion are two very special animals. Both belong to the relatively well-known large mammals in the animal kingdom. In the wild, the two animals live and behave very differently. Can the strongest gorilla narrowly defeat the lion?

Gorillas are very strong and intelligent mammals. Their physical features are striking, they can reach a height of 1.5 to 1.8 meters and a weight of 100 to 230 kg. The gorillas are long, black, muscular, can walk on both arms and legs, and have strong climbing abilities.

They are very intelligent animals with good social skills, and in gorilla societies, the leader is usually the largest and strongest male in the herd.

Gorillas live in the forest and feed on fruit, leaves, stems, nuts and other plants, but they also sometimes eat other small mammals for protein.

When male gorillas are about 12 years old, the hair on their backs will gradually turn from gray to white, at this time their physical state is at its strongest, so it is called silver back gorilla.

Lions are considered the kings of the African savannah, and they are adept at hunting medium and large mammals. The body of the lion is very strong, up to 2.5 meters in length and up to 200 kg in weight.

Male lions have a dark gray mane, are very aggressive animals and tend to follow groups of up to 30.

Lions are pure carnivores, and their main food sources are other mammals, such as antelopes, zebras, cows, and horses.

Gorilla and lion are two very different animals, they differ greatly in habitat, living habits and behavior. In the wild, gorillas and lions rarely meet, the real natural enemy of gorillas is leopards, they belong to the same cat family as lions.

But if a lion and a gorilla clash, who will win?

Compare gorilla and lion
Gorillas are very strong, with strong climbing abilities and great intelligence, they can be described as natural athletes.

On the other hand, lions have strong muscles, sharp claws and teeth, and they have strong attack and hunting abilities. In general, there is no absolute gap between the two in terms of physical and functional characteristics.


Gorillas live in forests, where their range of activity is smaller and they have a richer plant source. On the other hand, lions live in grasslands and savannas and have a wide range of activities, but their resources are relatively scarce.

Therefore, gorillas are better adapted to forest habitats, while lions have an advantage in grasslands.

Gorillas are social animals, and they tend to be social, led by strong, capable males. Gorillas have a strong sense of family identity and protection, with males usually responsible for territorial defense, while females are primarily responsible for taking care of their cubs.

Lions also live in herds, usually consisting of one to three male lions and several female lions and their cubs. Male lions are tasked with defending territory and other lions, while female lions mainly hunt.

The attack method of the gorillas is relatively simple, usually swinging their arms and teeth as weapons, but their strength is quite amazing, their grip strength is about 500 kg.

Lions, on the other hand, have a variety of attack patterns, often using mallets, claws and teeth, but can also use their weight to pin down and strangle prey.

Which species will be most likely to win?
If the two meet, the winner will depend on many factors, such as environment, age, gender, weight and attack style.

The age and sex of the gorillas and lions also played a large role in the results. The leader of the gorillas is the male, usually protecting the family and territory, if the gorillas are young, inexperienced, they can be defeated by lions.

Likewise, juvenile cubs among the lions can also be overtaken by adult gorillas because of their lack of experience and skill.


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