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The Hyena’s Gamble: Pushing Wild Dogs towards Lions, Testing the Limits of Survival.


A lone hyena pushes wild dogs into lions and runs away. The wild dogs are cornered. How will they escape?

Katie Gracehall captured the sighting on camera and shared it with

“All those who go on safari are always in search of the big five. More specifically, the king of the jungle the lion. This particular day, we found ourselves extremely fortunate as we were able to spend quality time with the resident pride. As lions do, they were pretty inactive and were just lazing around.”

Lions have interesting sleeping habits. They can sleep for up to 20 hours a day. During the day, they rest in shady spots to conserve energy and digest their meals. They are primarily active at night when they go hunting. Their extensive sleep helps them stay strong and dominant.

“Eventually we left the lions to be and began moving on. Not even 100 meters after leaving the lions, a pack of wild dogs came running out of the bush. Now, even though we knew wild dogs to be the type of mammal to always be on the move, this was a little different.”

Wild dogs have interesting movement patterns. They live in packs and hunt together using teamwork. They chase their prey for long distances, tiring them out before making a successful kill. Wild dogs are known for their endurance and agile movements, which help them hunt efficiently and become formidable predators.


“These wild dogs clearly were running from something, and before that thought could leave me, it became apparent. A hyena was chasing the pack of dogs. Due to this happening only a few hundred meters from the lions, we knew the lions would soon enough become aware of the commotion.”

A lone hyena pushes wild dogs into lions and they are forced to run!

“The wild dogs then began running down the middle of the road. Little did they know they were heading straight in the direction where the lions had been resting. The lions, on the other hand, crouched down and waited patiently. It was tense to see a pack of wild dogs being chased by a hyena in the direction of waiting lions!”

“Luckily for the dogs, they saw the lions just in time and were able to make a run for it. The hyena also saw the danger and headed off in the opposite direction. The lions gave a small, half-hearted chase but were in no mood to use up energy in pursuit of the dogs and hyena.”


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