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Nature’s Cruel Twist: Villagers Unveil Anaconda’s Tragic End in Failed Cannibalistic Feeding Attempt!


Anacondas are known for snacking on wild pigs, deer and caiman.

But when these villagers stumbled across the giant snake lying on the ground, they discovered its final meal had been something a little closer to home.

As they sliced open its bloated belly, they found it had feasted on another anaconda in what was its fatal last meal

The body of the anaconda was opened up by a man sporting a baseball cat as he unloaded the contents of its fatal last supper onto the scrubland.


He then separated the two fearsome creatures from one another using a wooden stick as animated onlookers watched on.

Last year, American naturalist Paul Rosolie filmed himself getting eaten by an anaconda for a television stunt aired on the Discovery Channel.

But viewers were left disappointed when the snake used in the stunt barely nibbled on the top of Rosolie’s helmet before he pulled the plug on the dangerous experiment for fear it would break his arm.



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