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The fierce battle of two giant animals caiman crocodile and anaconda who will be the winner


Photographer Kim Sullivan from Indiana, USA, happened to witness an anaconda fighting with a giant crocodile on the banks of the Cuiabá River, Brazil, while she was sailing on the river to find jaguars.

That day, while sailing along the river, Sullivan came across what she describes as “once in a lifetime encounter” between a golden anaconda and a caiman. It is not clear when the battle started, only knowing that when the photographer arrived, the python was tightly wrapped around the crocodile.

“This is a very rare sight. Witnessing two animals determined to fight makes me both excited and moved,” she shared. “The two animals struggled for 40 minutes. The caiman clearly showed signs of suffocation as the python tightened its grip.”


However, the crocodile was not easy to defeat, it came up with a clever plan, the crocodile suddenly moved into the deep water, making the python not able to last long but had to come to the surface to breathe. gas.

So it was a dramatic battle with a draw result, no wild creatures lost their lives


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