Otter Wisdom Prevails: Leopards’ Comical Failure to Outsmart Underwater Tricksters


Accordingly, in a blog post about the encounter, Ailton Lara witty wrote that the 3-year-old jaguar named Ague had “chosen the wrong place to sit and enjoy the river view”.

In the posted video, it can be seen that the jaguar is scared, quickly running away when faced with a school of otters – a species known as the “water leopard” or the “fierce god” Amazon.

It is known that while jaguars are known as ferocious terrestrial animals, they can even plunge into the water to eat Caiman crocodiles or giant pythons, otters are dubbed “water leopards”, are workers. Hunting in the Amazon River waters with superior swimming ability. Especially otters live in groups and are ready to attack any intruders, whether crocodiles or jaguars.


According to researchers, the Pantanal area in Brazil is home to the largest population of otters in the world. The area offers a unique semi-aquatic habitat, home to all kinds of wildlife.

“Giant otters are carnivorous, formidable, and extremely agile aquatic carnivores (to the extent that they are referred to by some local indigenous tribes as the Amazons).


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