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“Death Defiers: Snake Catchers Brave the King Cobra’s Lethal Venom”


The “giant” king cobra was agitated and continuously launched deadly bites at the snake catchers, making the onlookers shudder…

Accordingly, a “big” king cobra appeared on a street in Chonburi province (Thailand), causing many passersby to panic.

When the snake catchers were called to the scene, they had to face many difficulties to subdue this terrifying animal, as the king cobra continuously launched deadly bites at the snake catcher. to find a way to escape.

The clip recorded by a witness shows the large snake repeatedly raising its head to take bites, but fortunately the snake catchers had enough experience to avoid it without anyone being injured.


It took the cooperation of nearly a dozen snake catchers to subdue the animal. This king cobra was later identified as a female and was up to 5m in length.

Examining the snake’s condition after being captured, experts found that the snake had many wounds on its body and was in poor health. The snake is then cared for and monitored for health at a veterinary center before being released back into the wild, in an area away from humans.


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