“A Friend in Need: The Buffalo’s Valiant Effort to Save Its Companion”


While wandering in search of food, the lions suddenly discovered a wild buffalo in the mud. Immediately after, the leader of the lion rushed forward and bit the prey’s neck.

Discovering that the fellow was in trouble, the herd of wild buffaloes flocked to threaten the lions. A male buffalo even launched a blow to the sky, causing the lion to fall face down.

It seemed that the rescue was successful when the lion had to turn and run away. However, the bogged down buffalo was eventually butchered by the lions.


Buffalo is a large animal and is often classified as the most dangerous. They can run at speeds of up to nearly 50km/h and weigh more than 600kg.

This species contains a lot of adrenaline in the body, so they can attack fiercely even if they are seriously injured. When attacking, buffalo often use their horns and great body advantages to crush their prey.


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