“Life’s Cruel Irony: The Leopard’s Tragic End After Provoking a Baby Buffalo”


While wandering in the grasslands of South Africa, a calf suddenly fell behind a herd of buffalo and fell into the sights of a lioness. The predator immediately chased the calf, causing the whole herd of buffaloes to panic and run away.

Thanks to its remarkable speed, the lion quickly caught up with the calves and grabbed the prey with its claws. It quickly finished the calf with a bite to the throat. At the same time, two other lions also joined the hunt.

When the battle was going on dramatic, the herd of wild buffalo suddenly returned to fight and threatened the lions. Before the aggression of the buffalo herd, the 3 hunters hurriedly ran away, leaving behind the delicious prey they had just hunted.


In the herd, the female lion is usually in charge of hunting and the male lion is responsible for protecting the whole group from danger.

Unlike other species of the same family, lions hunt in groups. This is the top carnivore. Their primary prey is other mammals, especially medium to large ungulates, including plains zebras, wildebeest, wildebeest, and antelopes. Gemsbok, giraffes, hippos, and even juvenile African bush elephants.


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