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Snow monkeys soak in hot springs to escape the bitter cold in new Sir David Attenborough series Frozen Planet II


SNOW monkeys, a troop of Japanese macaques, are seen soaking in hot springs to ease the stress of cold winters.

The new Sir David Attenborough series, Frozen Planet II, will show the monkeys grooming each other high in the mountains.

Bathing has been shown to lower their stress hormones, just as it does with humans.

The follow-up to the 2011’s original Frozen Planet series, which will also show Chinstrap penguins, Siberian tigers and crabeater seals, begins airing on Sunday, 11 September at 8pm.

Last month, Sir David Attenborough also announced a brand new nature series which will explore the UK’s diverse landscape.

The beloved broadcaster and conservationist returned to the BBC with a new TV series titled Wild Isles. The five-part documentary series will explore the natural environment closer to home, focusing on the diverse landscape of Britain and Ireland.


It follows the success of his previous docu-series like Blue Planet, Planet Earth and Our Planet.

A BBC press statement confirmed that Sir David, 96, and his dedicated film crew have spent the last three years examining the flora and fauna across the UK.

Wild Isles will celebrate Britain’s four key habitats — woodlands, grasslands, freshwater and marine.


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