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The wonderful moment of mother and child love when the mother monkey carried her baby on her back all the way


Recently, images recording the warm and sacred maternal love of a baboon mother living in the wilderness near Ngorongoro volcano, Tanzania have attracted many people’s attention and interest.

These stunning images of baboon motherhood were taken by 76-year-old Theresa Allen, a retired university professor living in Vancouver, Canada.

It is known that when Theresa Allen was exploring the wild nature around Ngorongoro crater, she accidentally came across a group of baboons resting.

In it, the actions of a baboon mother and child make the whole scene filled with a mother’s love.

Missing the opportunity, Theresa raised her camera and captured this sacred moment of motherhood in the wildlife world.

The baboon in the photo is believed to be between 3 and 6 months old. It rides on the mother baboon’s back like a horse, but the mother baboon does not show any discomfort, on the contrary, it is very pampering her baby and extremely patient with the mischief of the baby monkey.


After riding his mother bored, the baboon fell down and played by himself. It’s like a toddler, really cute. The mother baboon is always attentive to her baby’s every movement, making sure that her baby is always in sight.

According to research, East African baboons mainly live in South African countries, close to the Sahara desert.

They live in large groups. Each group can have from 15 to 150 members, both male and female, with a leader.


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