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Super classic battle of storks and snakes, the loser will turn into prey


Snakes are scary animals to humans and even to small animals, survival battles with snakes are always the most attractive footage.
A white stork fought hard and taught the snake a valuable lesson captured in the amazing video below.

The battle started when the snake tried to catch the stork feeding near the river bank, it tried to attack the wings of the stork to prevent the stork from flying high.
The stork is injured and completely unable to fly and it is trying to fight the snakes hand to hand. The stork began to peck at the snake’s head and eyes with its long sharp beak, but that was not enough to defeat the snake.


The fight became more and more intense and dramatic, the snake tried to pull the stork away and drown it in the water. The snake repeatedly attacked the old wound and tried to end the fight.
The stork is resilient, it has to swim on the water while fighting. It finally defeated the snake because of its tireless tenacity.


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