“Hyenas’ Ill-Fated Assault: Lone Lioness’s Triumph in the Wilderness”


The moment a clan of hyenas was chased off as they tried to kill a lioness and after hyena met a tragic end.

A group of tourists on safari watched on as around a hyenas ganged up on the larger and more powerful lioness.

Briefly, the hyenas were in charge of the conflict, forcing the lioness to retreat and even forcing her to the ground in the dramatic footage.

However, perhaps alerted by the chorus of screeching from the hyenas, the rest of the lioness’s pride roar to her assistance.


This prompts 30 seconds of furious fighting, and despite being outnumbered, the lionesses soon force the hyenas into retreat, in the video which was shot by Pareet Shah.

Later footage shows one of the lionesses carrying a dead hyena which was killed during the skirmish.

The hyenas paid for what they did to the lioness and received a memorable lesson when they dared to bully the kings of the wild.


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