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Quit playing around! When their pet macaque beats their son in Noughts and Crosses, the son snaps at his mother.


A charming video shows a young boy getting annoyed at his mother for helping her pet monkey beat him at Noughts and Crosses.

Teresa Bullock, known as ‘Monkey Girl’, gives tips to the macaque called Angel much to the aggravation of her son Ronnie.

The boy, who has been raised with the monkey, draws on a virtual pad at the family home in Ohio.

Angel sits on the table and appears to gesture towards where she wants her marks.

‘You’re telling her!’ says Ronnie realising he has just been beaten by a monkey at Tic Tac Toe.

And Angel beats him for a second time, before the boy has to resort to cheating to win a round over his pet primate.


Under the video the single-mother wrote: ‘Ronnie has been raised with Angel Bullock and sometimes forgets she isn’t human… He felt I was given her the right moves to beat him and it cracked me up.’

The Moscow resident frequently posts updates on the macaque on her Facebook and YouTube channels.

Last year another video of Angel sparked controversy after Teresa applied make-up to the animal.

The director of PETA said the video, and other similar ones, ‘often inspire ill-informed people to obtain monkeys as pets’.



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