“Buffalo’s Quest for Vengeance: 1,000 Herd Members Face Lion, Culminating in Grief”


Buffaloes possess formidable strength and they can be ready to fight with predators to survive.

But if a herd of buffalo gathers and attacks several predators together, it is sure to be a disaster.

Lions often suffer the most fearsome beatings from the most ferocious buffalo. They are often hung on the horns of buff alo or butchered into the air and then painfully land.


Lions often hunt buffalo to have a full meal for their family for many days but the danger of confronting buffaloes is inevitable.

The tragic moments of lions in failed buffalo hunts recorded and synthesized in the video below will surely surprise you with the strength of buffalo.

The lions to get glory in the wild also have to go through many tragedies of nature and no animal can escape death.



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