The power of the king of the jungle when in a short time the lion defeated the wild buffalo without being injured


Photographer Mortiz Stragholz captured spectacular images of the lion brothers hunting buffalo on a sunny golden day in the Serengeti savanna ecosystem.

When a potential object was discovered, two male lions, believed to be siblings, immediately hunted and isolated the prey.

Although an adult wild buffalo can weigh up to 910kg, is very stubborn, has a lot of strength and has strong resistance, that does not make the young male lions falter.

With proficient hunting skills and smooth coordination, the lion brothers gradually closed the encirclement and continuously took turns attacking the buffalo, making the prey exhausted quickly.

The buffalo seems to be experienced, constantly fighting back and always trying to find an opportunity to escape.

Unfortunately, no matter how hard the wild buffaloes tried, they still could not escape the death clutches of the lion brothers. As long as the buffalo intends to run in which direction, the remaining lion will immediately block its way of escape.


After many struggles, the buffalo finally could not stand it and collapsed. Even so, the lion did not let down his guard, spitting sharp teeth out of the buffalo’s body like its claws still digging deep into the flesh of the prey.

Finally, when the buffalo was exhausted, the lion brothers decided to give their prey a quick death by biting the buffalo’s throat directly.

Right after that, the buffalo meat party officially started. Two lion brothers share the spoils.


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