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Many viewers were terrified as the enormous cobra defeated the python in the street.


In the wild, the king cobra is known as one of the most venomous snakes in the world. At the same time, they are also the largest venomous snake in the world with an individual over 5.5m long and weighing more than 20kg.

Meanwhile, the brocade python is a very large reptile when on average each adult can be up to 6.5m long. Even, there have been many recorded cases that they can swallow an adult.

However, unfortunately for this brocade python, it is too small in size when it is about 2m in length. Meanwhile, its opponent is an adult king cobra, up to 3.5m long and possessing deadly venom.


Despite his best efforts, the python was ultimately unable to kill the king cobra due to an excess of venom.

The king cobra, meanwhile, dashed into the surrounding woods to hide and wait for the prey to die entirely before swallowing it after injecting enough venom into the python’s body.

It is reported that witnesses on a road near Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University captured this sight on camera.


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