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Trying to eat fat chicks, cobras were slaughtered by the mother hen and died without their bodies


A cobra (scientific name is Naja atra) has sneaked into the chicken coop in search of prey. Noticing the appearance of the enemy, the mother hen immediately rushed to defeat the opponent.

Despite facing an extremely scary enemy, the mother hen showed no fear. After herding the chicks into a corner, the mother hen rushed to attack the cobra using her legs and beak.

After nearly 2 minutes of fighting, the cobra was beaten to death and failed to fulfill its original purpose.


The Chinese cobra is also known as the Taiwanese cobra, the Vietnamese often call it a cobra or a cobra. This is a venomous snake found in southern China.

The Chinese cobra is a highly venomous snake in the genus Naja and has a characteristic mark on the back of the neck when the gill is spread, which is a horizontal white line with a black circle in the middle.


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