“Fateful Encounter: Cheetah’s Life Cut Short in a Struggle with a Horned Antelope”


The African cheetah not only uses speed and agility, but also uses intelligence to judge the escape route of each different prey. They kill their prey with a suffocating bite, but it takes a long time due to the weak bite force.

Gazelles are the most agile herbivores on the savannah, they have a weapon of sharp horns that frighten carnivores.

Specifically, in the video is a scene where the mother leaves her cubs to find food and suddenly discovers a Gzelle antelope.

With its speed and strength, the cheetah quickly caught up with the running antelope. Two cubs also immediately joined in to help the mother kill the prey.


Sticking a fatal bite to the neck, the thought that the antelope had to receive the death sentence suddenly happened after that.

Thanks to the fierce resistance, the antelope pushed the hunter to the ground and used its sharp horns to hit the person.

Pushed back a meter, the cheetah painfully let go of its prey. Taking this opportunity, the antelope made a spectacular escape. Not only lost antelope, the cheetah was also injured in the abdomen.


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