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Terrified moments of tension when catching the python that swallowed a 54-year-old woman in Indonesia


While searching for a missing victim after going into the forest to get rubber, people on the island of Sumatra discovered a giant python with an abnormally enlarged abdomen.
Dissecting the belly of a 6.7 m long python, villagers in Jambi province on Sumatra island found the body of a woman. This person has been identified as Jahrah (54 years old), who went missing last Friday night in the woods near his home. Locals have divided groups looking for Jahrah. After two days, they found the python in the forest with a suspicious belly.

Anto, the village chief, said the python may have squeezed the victim, causing her to suffocate. It then takes about two hours to swallow the victim whole. However, the python takes weeks to fully digest. By the time it was found, the woman’s body was barely intact, including her clothes.

Anto said: “The victim did not return home after greeting relatives into the forest to harvest rubber on October 21. Her family then reported the missing family member to the local government. We immediately implemented a plan. mobilized to search. People killed the python and cut open its belly. Everyone was shocked. It turned out that the woman we were looking for was in this python’s belly.”
Anto claimed that no local people witnessed Jahrah being eaten by a python because she went into the forest alone. The village chief also said that people are now panicking because they have seen several other giant pythons in the area. They once tried to catch a python about 8.2m long, but it escaped because it was too strong.


The village chief added: “The villagers are worried. Even bigger pythons are still in the forest. They have already swallowed our two goats.”
Indonesia is currently home to a large population of giant pythons – including the one that ate Jahrah. They live in remote forests, hunting wild animals, sometimes even humans. In March, a person on West Sulawesi island was also eaten alive by a python.


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