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Heartbroken when losing the baboon rushes into the crocodile’s jaws to take back the baby’s body


While drinking by the swamp, a baby baboon was caught by a crocodile and clamped in its mouth. Hearing a loud noise, the baboons standing next to them immediately ran away. However, only the mother baboon dared to rush to fight the predator.

Before the fierce attack of the mother monkey, the crocodile had to release the baby monkey. However, due to being bitten for too long and being submerged in water, the baby monkey died.

Baboons (Cercopithecidae) are a family of five species of monkeys that live in Asia and Africa. They have a large head and a long, dog-like muzzle. Baboons move on all four limbs. They have a weight of 14-40 kg and a body length of 45 to 70 cm.


Extremely intelligent and highly social, baboons live and move in groups. They communicate with each other by chirping. With large teeth and strong limbs, baboons are a formidable opponent for most animals of their size.


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