The Dreamer’s Triumph: Young Buffalo Masters Mother’s Techniques, Challenges a Lion, and Conquers the Battle


Newborn animals are very innocent and their thinking is very simple, a young buffalo thinks it can defeat a lion with its strength like its mother and makes a pretty funny fight with her. lion.

The young buffalo is confident when facing a lion without its mother by its side. It slowly approached and wanted to attack the lion but it also didn’t know how to get angry.

The lion also wants to play with the buffalo when it shows fear and begins to hide from the young buffalo’s approaching situations.


The young buffalo continued to advance and repelled the lion, the young buffalo then reveled in victory thinking that the lion was scared and left.

But then the lion stopped playing with the young buffalo and decided to kill the young buffalo.

The moment is quite funny but also very sad for the death of the young buffalo.


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