“Predatory Rivalry: Leopards’ Transformative Journey as Hyenas Teach the Art of Prey Stealing”


Leopards are very good at hunting, but if they go to steal other people’s prey, that is unlikely, especially when, the opponents are experts in the ability to snatch like hyenas!

In terms of appearance, the two species above have not much difference, apart from the two forelimbs and the shoulder strength of the hyena is very strong. Besides the numerical advantage, they often use those weapons in their attacks to win food.


In this video, the leopard tries very hard to stalk, attack quickly and fiercely to be able to rob the hyena’s prey. However, for the master of plunder, the hyenas quickly return to attack their enemies, determined not to lose their food.

And in the end, its determination paid off, the leopard was forced to flee, retreating before the fierce counterattack of the other hyena.


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