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Terrified when catching extremely poisonous snakes in the toilet in Queensland


A Queensland snake catcher had an unusual retrieval this week, when he was called to remove a snake from a toilet.
Drew Godfrey from Hervey Bay Snake Catchers was contacted by a business on an industrial estate in the area, which had an unusual problem.
“They just said ‘there’s a snake in the toilet block, and I said, ‘I hope it’s not in the actual toilet’, and they said, ‘yes it is.”

But when he arrived, the snake, which workers feared was poisonous brown snake, retreated into the toilet bowl, and Mr Godfrey had to return later.
Even then, when he went back, the snake tried to make another dash for it.
Luckily he managed to grab it.
“It nearly ducked back in, I grabbed it, there was no room for gloves or anything,” he said.


“It was quite hilarious as I actually had to get my hand right down in the bowl.”
However the creature was found to be a perfectly safe common tree snake which had probably been chasing after a frog, he said.
Mr Godfrey said he’s seeing a resurgence of snakes ahead of the winter months.
However, he doesn’t think it’s due to the wet weather.
“Last week we had the busiest week we’ve ever had, which is unusual for autumn,” he said.


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