“When Giants Collide: The Elephant’s Brave Effort to Save the Buffalo from Lion’s Predation”


Elephants are large and gentle animals they are very friendly with people but wild elephants are completely different, they often get angry and attack predators if they feel threatened.

Sometimes elephants also participate in rescues of other animals from lions and those are the best moments of the wild.

The wild buffalo got lost in the lions’ encirclement and struggled to fight for life. The fight gradually came to an end when the buffalo began to weaken and got stuck in the bushes with the lions.


A huge elephant suddenly appeared and rushed towards the fight, the lions began to panic and ran away. The buffalo was then unexpectedly rescued.

The buffalo is then next to the herd of elephants to prevent the lions from coming back, the moment of rescuing and sheltering the buffalo is the elephant’s best moment in the wild.


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