100 giant elephants risk their lives to trample bloodthirsty lions to save newborn babies on the verge of death


Elephants are the largest land animals, although they are only herbivores, they have almost no enemies because of their large body size. But a fearsome creature that dared to hunt them like prey, that was the lion.

The video captures the scene of the elephants forming a defensive wall to protect the newborn cubs from the attack of the hungry lions.

A lioness ambushes and jumps on her back to attack a young elephant in Chobe National Park in Botswana.

The lioness is not strong enough to hold her prey to the ground. Before it could call on its fellows to help, the whole herd of elephants rushed to protect the young elephant.

At first the lions crouched down as the elephants approached them. The elephants don’t seem to mind the lions much and don’t see them as a threat.


The lions are not capable of confronting the elephant herd, so they patiently wait for the adult elephants to pass and seize the opportunity to attack the young elephant that has fallen behind.

Although the baby elephant appeared frightened, the lioness was still powerless to knock down her prey. The chance to hunt is over when another lioness arrives 10 seconds late. The baby elephant ran away towards the herd.

Although only about 20 meters away from their prey, the female lions had to abandon the attack because they knew that if they got too close to the male elephants, they would risk serious injury.



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