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Terrified monkeys flood into people’s houses and brutally attack people in India


In the city of Jaipur, Rajasthan state, India, The Daily Star reported on January 18 that a 2-year-old monkey has been scurrying for weeks and frequently attacking people, visitors, and military soldiers sent to capture it.

The monkey became increasingly hostile after numerous fruitless attempts to catch it.

Residents had to lend a hand as local authorities worked to find the combative monkey. In the meantime, the monkey frequently assaults and bites visitors to a municipal nursery.

Officials from the city of Jaipur eventually sent a task group from the Ministry of Forestry to use a tranquilizer pistol to kill the monkey.

Shooting tranquilizers at the monkey was quite challenging since it was always moving. Despite numerous trips to the area, I was unable to find it. We were compelled to provide the phone number and request that people call whenever they find it, according to Dr. Arvind Mathur.

In the end, the monkey was brought under control in a village outside of Ashok Nagar, which borders both the city of Jaipur and the state of Rajasthan.

The monkey situation in India appears to remain unsolvable despite numerous attempts to limit wild monkey populations. A 400-strong “army of monkeys” reportedly invaded a community in Central India.

About 20 families were forced to leave the community because they could not put up with the monkey attacks, looting, and farm destruction. The monkeys are particularly opportunistic and violent when taking food from residents, attacking women, children, and even the old, according to the village leader. Then a significant drive was started to catch the monkeys, bringing about calm among the populace.

Ms. Parvin Hajihossini, 53, was viciously attacked by Benjamin the aggressive monkey while she was photographing him. Benjamin scratched her left face and caused various injuries to her body. One of the most gruesome monkey assaults on humans has occurred.

When a youngster was visiting the zoo in Ratlam, Madhya state, India, a crazed monkey suddenly attacked him.

Despite the boy’s father’s best efforts to remove the enraged monkey from his son, it clung to the boy’s body and continued to bite and tear without letting go.

In the end, the father and zoo employees had to stop the crazed monkey with sticks. However, it was enough to seriously harm the boy’s physical and mental health.

Suddenly, monkeys suddenly took Zheng Dong’s phone as he was visiting and snapping pictures with it at the Fuzhou Zoo in China. This unfortunate visitor was attacked by a group of monkeys and suffered multiple injuries as a result of attempting to retrieve the phone.


Mr. Schultz recorded the footage on February 1 while returning from a conference in Kruger National Park. “At first, I believed it to be a female monkey, but it turned out to be a male monkey who was still quite young. This monkey went across the street and up a marula tree. After waiting for about 30 minutes, I finally saw it traveling from tree to tree. Following the departure of the other monkeys, this one patted and looked after the cub as though it were a young monkey.

The most gruesome monkey assault on a human occurred when a monkey by the name of Travis viciously attacked Ms. Charla Nash and incapacitated her. Travis the monkey frantically jumped inside their car and broke the front window even when the police showed up. Police shot and killed Travis. But Charla Nash sustained quite frightening wounds as a result. Charla’s lower jaw was severed, one of her hands had to be amputated owing to progressive necrosis, and her face had been irreparably damaged.

A gorilla named Bokito assaulted Ms. Petronella Horde at the Rotterdam Zoo in the Netherlands while she was visiting with her husband because it believed Mrs. Petronella threatened it. Mrs. Petronella sustained numerous deep injuries as a result, breaking her arm and neck in the process. Ms. Petronella nevertheless felt sympathy and forgiveness for the hostile gorilla despite the incident.

A herd of monkeys that terrorizes the populace of India by frequently attacking people. Up to 400 individuals may have been attacked by these monkeys, according to statistics. One of them, 86-year-old Rukhmani Kanwar, was critically injured and shattered a bone. A young girl also perished after driving them into the family property.

While performing with a bunch of monkeys, Lo Wung, 42, of Hubei, China, was defeated by the monkeys using the talent he taught them. He was severely hurt by the monkeys’ punches and kicks, which were just as powerful as those employed by humans.


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