“Buffalo’s Heroic Battle Move: A Precision Strike to Vanquish the Lion”


For lions, attacking an adult buffalo is a calculated risk. If the hunt is successful, the spoils can provide a sumptuous feast for even pride, but a buffalo is not an easy target. Even when the lions succeed in knocking down one without being skewered by its impressive horns, cries for help often drag the rest of the buffalo herd to the scene.

Although they are not always seen, fights between lions and buffalo are quite common in the African wilderness and this is not the first time we have seen these herbivores. This giant fights with their cat rivals. Footage from Tanzania in 2014 shows a herd of buffalo successfully defending a calf from the pride of lions while hunting, and the famous Battle at Kruger clip is a perfect example of a herd of buffalo at work. as a unit to protect themselves.

Although lions have strong fighting power, hunting buffalo is sometimes very unlucky for lions, because they have very sharp and sharp horns, for lions that get these horns, they are also difficult. can get out.

This video we see 3 4 lions surrounding a buffalo but they still can’t do anything about their prey, the lion is still afraid with its sharp horns.


Sometimes the lion is even attacked back by the buffalo herd, the fighting strength of the buffalo is so resilient, it never refuses to lie down and wait for death, determined to fight for its life.

In this video, a lion unfortunately was injured by the buffalo’s horn and it ran away, but the buffalo did not spare it, continued to chase and attack the lion. At this time, almost the lion had no more fighting strength, only lying with his legs crossed to block the butts of the buffalo.

The buffalo continued to attack the lion fiercely, it rushed to knock the opponent up, the lion only knew how to hold the buffalo’s head to save the situation. But the buffalo continued to butt into the lion’s stomach.

The blows to the stomach made the lion unable to hold out anymore and rolled to the ground and struggled despite the buffalo doing whatever he wanted.

At this time, the buffalo saw that the threat was no longer a danger to him, so he left to spare the lion.


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